About US

Eco Technologies and Innovations (ETAI) Holdings is a group of companies based in Sydney, Australia. ETAI Holdings have developed a range of Eco Friendly Technologies in various industries including water, fruit and beverages, petroleum, mining and energy.

The advanced technologies made available by ETAI Holdings increase the efficiency of work performed in each of the sectors in a meaningful way. The new and advanced technology developed by ETAI Holdings increases the extraction of gold as well as other linked metals by as much as 98%. Also, there are no drawbacks for the environment by way of employing the eco-friendly technology manufactured by ETAI Holdings.

Likewise, ETAI Holdings offers eco-friendly technologies that improve the quality of drinking water, purifying and treating it for human consumption. The technology manufactured by the company can purify water from lakes, seas, rivers and wells above the industry standard. These results are possible through deployment of the technologies developed by ETAI Holdings, while not posing a threat to the surrounding environment.

In a similar manner, the technologies developed by ETAI Holdings allows for significantly more efficient and chemical free way of petroleum refining. The technology which it has developed changes the properties of the oil itself. The same technology increases the selection of the sum of light by as much as 86%. Such substantial change is made possible as a result of the advanced technology developed by ETAI Holdings.

Our mission is to develop technologies that significantly reduce operational costs and delivers lasting environmental and societal benefits.