Crushing Minerals

This technology increases the extraction of gold and associated metals up to 98% (possibly even more – everything depends on the initial ores and the gold distribution there).

The basis of the proposed technology is Electro Hydro Impact (EHI) ores and technogenic wastage disintegration and Magneto-Pulse (MP) flotation concentrates (gravity concentrates) and flotation tailings activation.
EHI-technology is characterized by non-contact action (impact waves and wedging impulse hydroflows), which ensures selective opening of initial ores along the boundaries of mineral grains. This process is facilitated by pH increase and the formation of short-lived radicals.

MP flotation concentrates, gravity concentrates activation, increases the extraction of metals.

The breakdown of the solution near the fragment surface is accompanied by the development of a discharge channel with generation of impact waves that penetrate into the rock and form cracks along the interfaces of the inclusions. Explosive effervescence of the solution generates powerful hydraulic impulses, which complete the destruction of the fragment by cracks wedging.

Traditional ore destruction technology has the following drawbacks:

  • With mechanical methods of destruction, full opening of the rock does not take place due to the fact that supercritical stresses are formed in it, mainly in places of contact with the grinding (crushing) equipment elements;
  • Chemical (physical and chemical) methods of rock destruction include the use of hazardous highly active chemicals;
  • During thermal destruction of rocks, destruction occurs due to the occurrence of thermal stresses in them and is accompanied by various undesirable effects (dehydration, dissociation, melting, evaporation, etc.)

Ore Destruction Scheme

The complete lack of chemistry or dangerous and poisonous substances makes this EHI – processing not only an environmentally friendly way of mineral raw materials preparation in the enrichment and recovery processes, but also economically more profitable.