Fresh Juice


ETAI Holdings offers its services by using innovative technologies for juices and wines processing, namely:

  • Cold pasteurization (disinfection) – allows the natural properties and vitamin composition of processed products preserving;
  • Increasing the juices yield from vegetable raw materials;
  • Providing more complete extraction of useful, biologically active substances;
  • Acceleration of wines maturation, including cognacs.
The proposed technologies are environmentally friendly, and highly cost-effective.

Cold pasteurization is realized by irradiating liquid products with electromagnetic waves of the ultraviolet range.
The wavelength is selected depending on the composition of the product and the need to preserve proteins or their destruction. Energy costs for cold pasteurization are 40 times less than in the case of thermal pasteurization. The processing of the product is done in a stream, the equipment is compact and the dimensions of the installation depend little on the performance.

Electromagnetic berries (fruits) treatment: Increased yield of juices is achieved by electroplasmolysis.All attempts to increase the maximum yield by thermal, enzymatic and other treatments with the use of traditional methods of juice production – lead to a sharp increase in energy consumption and a decrease juices quality. Plasmolysis can significantly increase the yield by 8-10% for apples, 15-20% for red currants, 6-7% for grapes.

The conducted electrical processing of some difficult-to-reach raw materials showed that juice yield after electroprocessing can be increased for carrots to 70%, apricots to 71%, plumps to 67%. The use of electroprocessing in the production of tomato juice increased the yield of juice and pulp and reduced the moisture content of waste by 6%, while the tomato saving is 3.5%. The productivity of presses increases by 25-35%. In addition, only after electroprocessing, the clearest juice was obtained, the clarification of which becomes possible without prior separation. In juices the content of dry substances rises and their nutritional value increases, which is confirmed by special studies.