Oil Refining

ETAI Holdings offers its services in the application of Electro Hydro Impact (EHI) in the raw materials preparation for oil refining.The technology used allows for a complex change in the properties of oil, and increases the selection of the sum of light up to 86%.


Simultaneously with the change in the selection of the sum of light, there is a practical twofold change in the kinematic viscosity and sulfur. Consequently, the method allows to change the properties of the original oil according to the needs of production.

The very process of preparing the ETAI liquid is continuous, but it can also be cyclic. Everything depends on the technological chain of further processing. In the preliminary zone, ETAI liquid and oil are mixed. Further, in the reactor for ETAI liquid, powerful physical fields that change the structure of the organic part with its hydrogenation, as well as other processes, act.

Note: Processes that occur in the reactor (our technology); (powerful shock waves, hydro-streams, cavitation and short-lived radicals) allow processing of various types of oil, as well as bitumen, mazut (fuel oil) and waste products of petroleum products.