ETAI Holdings offers newest equipment for drinking water quality improvement and developing water supply services to a level that meets the needs of human life.

Application of Innovative Technology:

  • Technology for the bottling line in PET bottles with ionized alkaline water with 9.5 pH and redox potential up to -750.
  • Water from open sources (wells, rivers, lakes, seas) purification and treatment to drinking or industrial water standards;
  • Purification and treatment of industrial or urban water waste, for its further use in the technological process and / or to natural level for further “drainage” into the environment, not only without causing harm, but also for the benefit of the latter.
  • Artesian and tap water purification, as well as water from surface water bodies, from the contaminations dissolved in it, the most common of which are iron, manganese, hydrogen sulphide, chloroorganic compounds, nitrogen compounds, heavy metal salts, etc;
  • Effective water disinfection (completely destroying bacterias, microbes, spores, viruses, etc.);
  • Improving of the organoleptic characteristics, such as turbidity, color, smack, smell;
  • Adjustment and control of Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), permanganate oxidability;
  • Reducing of oxygen and nitrogen content in drinking water, saturation water with hydrogen;
  • Energy efficiency and depth of water treatment.

Highly efficient and multifunctional automatic complex “Ozone water treatment and cathodic water activation” is completely cleansing, disinfecting water and reducing oxygen and nitrogen in drinking water, saturating water with hydrogen.

During processing, water gradually passes the following treatments:

  • magnetic treatment
  • ozonation
  • cathodic water activation system

Magnetic processing

As a result, after the magnetic field is affected by water, the magnetized water becomes more structured than ordinary water. It increases the speed of chemical reactions and the crystallization of dissolved substances, intensifies adsorption processes, improves the coagulation of impurities and their precipitation, which makes it possible to purify water more efficiently in the next stage.

Ozone water treatment

The magnetized water passes through the next stage of purification – ozonization, what produces a deep water purification without microelements (calcium, magnesium, potassium, fluorine, iodine, etc.), biologically important for the human body, changing. In the process of ozone treatment of magnetized water, intermediate toxic and carcinogenic compounds do not appear.Efficiency of ozone water treatment.Sediment of iron, manganese and heavy metal ions, dropped from tap water after treatment with ozone.

Ultraviolet treatment

After ozone treatment, ultraviolet treatment completely destroys the residual ozone in the water and the water is ready for filtration.


After magnetization, ozonization and ultraviolet treatment, water is filtered. All the filter elements used in the technology are chemically resistant and biologically inert, do not contain or emit any biologically active substances into the water. The filter cleaning system is automatic and environmentally friendly.

System of cathode water activation

After magnetization, ozonization, ultraviolet treatment and filtration, the water enters the final preparation of water for drinking.Positive energy of water is usually associated with its enrichment with hydroxyl OH ions. Such activated water stimulates many biological processes in the human body. The negative energy of water, on the contrary, is explained by the excess of protons H +. Such water inhibits biological processes in the human body, reduces the fluidity of cell membranes, membrane proteins collect in clusters, which leads to the suspension of metabolic processes in the cell and tissues (as if they are frozen).

As a result of the cathodic (catholyte) treatment, water acquires an alkaline reaction, its ORP decreases, surface tension decreases, the amount of dissolved oxygen and nitrogen decreases, the concentration of hydrogen, free hydroxyl groups increases, the electrical conductivity decreases, the structure of not only the hydrated ion shells changes, but also the free volume water.

The catholyte is a solution with anomalously enhanced electron-donor properties and, getting into human blood, strengthens its electron donor background by several tens of millivolts. The catholyte also has antioxidant, immunostimulating, detoxifying properties, normalizes metabolic processes (increased synthesis of adenosine triphosphate acid-ATP, changes in enzyme activity), stimulates tissue regeneration (increases DNA synthesis and stimulates cell growth and division due to increased mass transfer of ions and molecules through membranes). improves trophic processes and blood circulation in tissues.